Research on impact of digital on language learning

From February 2015 Henoïda is launching a scientific study to measure the impact of digital technology when learning vocabulary of a foreign language. This research is being carried out in collaboration with:

  • Fabien Fenouillet, researcher at the Human and Artificial Cognition Laboratory of Paris X University
  • Senior lecturer, in the teaching of foreign languages and cultures, School of Teaching and Education, Créteil Academy (Paris-Est Créteil University)
  • the languages department of Centrale-Supélec, a leading business and engineering school in France

Given that scientific research has made Henoïda possible, it is our turn to make a contribution.

The objective is to analyse the motivation generated by the Henoïda on various aspects of learning. To do this, we will compare French speakers learning 500 English multi-word words using the Henoïda application to a more traditional method of using notes on paper.

The words will be presented in context, in a sentence, without indicating whether the word in question is a phrasal verb, transitive verb etc…. The language level will vary from “basic” to “advanced”. Here’s an example of the basic level:

Question⇒ I’m [chercher qq 'John']. Have you seen him?
Réponse ⇒ looking for John.

We will test the participants regularly on their progress and we will measure how their motivation level evolves in terms of the learning method used.

This data will allow us to analyse the way in which digital tools affect learning and whether they increase motivation or not, and ultimately to better understand the place of digital technology within education.

Participation in this study is open to French speakers. Ownership of a smartphone or a tablet is not a requirement for participation. Those interested should register here: and please share this page with any French speakers that you know.

The results of this study will be published in a scientific journal and will also be communicated on this blog, so feel free to sign-up to our mailing list (see below) to be kept up to date.

And of course, don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like more information.