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Developer – JAVA Spring (and/or Android)

Contact us to apply Join a start-up with a big future at the beginning of its growth phase! Henoïda is supported by the Bond’innov incubator and the Biocitech innovation park. We are also supported financially by Bpifrance, the Ile-de-France regional government and Sanofi Développement. Role We are looking for a developer – Java Spring (and/or… Read more »

What is the impact of digital tech on learning?

We have all witnessed the digital explosion but do you actually know its impact on learning and motivation? In partnership with the Laboratory of Human and Artificial Cognition at the Paris X University we conducted a scientific study with 250 participants to measure the impact of a digital tool on learning and motivation in comparison… Read more »

Research on impact of digital on language learning

From February 2015 Henoïda is launching a scientific study to measure the impact of digital technology when learning vocabulary of a foreign language. This research is being carried out in collaboration with: Fabien Fenouillet, researcher at the Human and Artificial Cognition Laboratory of Paris X University Senior lecturer, in the teaching of foreign languages and cultures,… Read more »

Until we download memories like in the Total Recall film

How good is your memory? Did you know that in 2006 Akira Haraguchi, a 60-year-old Japanese man, set a world record for memorising and reciting Pi to 100,000 decimal places? Probably not. It took him 16 hours to recite 3.141592… Arguably not the best use of his time but still an incredible demonstration by an… Read more »

What it means to be a beta tester of Henoïda

A message to Henoïda beta testers: As a beta tester you will receive an email with your login details and a link to the beta version of the type of app that you registered for (Android / web / iOS). The Henoïda beta version for Android smartphones and tablets will be released first because the… Read more »