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Henoïda is a smart solution for efficient revision and long-term retention of what you learn.
Our mission to help people to fully retain their knowledge thanks to scientific research on the memory, motivation and digital technology.

Who we are

Ibis Lilley & Benjamin Layet

Ibis Lilley and Benjamin Layet are the founders of Henoïda. Having both lived and worked in several countries in Europe and Asia, we have a particular understanding of the challenges and opportunities of Higher Education and international careers. We believe that lifelong education and training are essential for personal and social progress. However, to do this, we often have to overcome the obstacles of inefficient and demotivating learning practices. We have personal experience of the frustration of forgetting what we learn and being overwhelmed by the volume of information to revise. It is these frustrations that led us to our mission of developing the most efficient solutions possible with the latest research and technology.

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102 avenue Gaston Roussel, Parc Biocitech, 93230 Romainville, France | + 33 9 52 81 13 62 | Email