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Efficient revision and long-lasting knowledge for students and professionals who want to learn for fun, pass exams or gain qualifications.

A scientific study showed that with Henoïda you retain 30% more in just 4 weeks. Henoïda helps you to revise efficiently, have confidence in your memory and retain what you learn for the long-term.

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Retain more of what you learn

Henoïda helps you retain more of what you learn by calculating the best time to revise. So you make the most of your revision time and no longer need to worry about forgetting what you learn. With Henoïda you get a snapshot of everything you know and how well you know it. Feel free to explore and discover what your memory is capable of when you learn efficiently.


Have confidence in your memory

The more you use Henoïda, the better it adapts to you, and the better you understand how your memory works. Henoïda uses a variety of fun quizzes, mnemonics and much more to help you achieve your learning goals and challenges efficiently. Whatever your area of interest, Henoïda can help you master the basics and gain confidence in your memory.


Scientific research

Henoïda is rooted in cognitive psychology research so that you can revise efficiently and have motivating learning experiences. We contribute to research in this area thanks to joint studies with the Human and Artificial Cognition Lab of Paris X University.

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I am surprised at how efficient Henoïda is. I use Henoïda mainly in the metro and now I can instantly understand Chinese characters. I no longer have to think hard to work them out. It is fun and rewarding, and I don’t get overwhelmed.

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Excellent! A well thought out application, both simple and efficient.

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Great. This is a really efficient and useful solution for developing your vocabulary. I happily recommend it!

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